Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory Services and Macroeconomic Strategy Consulting

We offer advisory and consulting services to organizations with exposure to the California economy. Our economists are available for conference calls and interactive strategy sessions that allow you to ask questions and test your assumptions.

We work with:

  • Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Lenders
  • Real Estate Brokerages, Developers, Investors
  • Healthcare and Insurance Organizations
  • Government Agencies and Non-Profits

60-minute Session

  • 30-minute presentation on macroeconomic conditions
  • 30 minutes of Q&A

90-minute Session

  • 45-minute presentation on macroeconomic conditions
  • 45 minutes of Q&A

120-minute Session

  • 60-minute presentation on macroeconomic conditions
  • 60 minutes of Q&A

We are also able to customize our presentations to specific industries or specific regions of California. Contact us for more information.



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