Samples of Our Research

Samples of Our Research

The California Economic Forecast performs research and analysis for business and public sector clients. The firm has developed a prolific database on California and its regional economies, allowing it to address a wide range of topics.

Our capabilities include:

  • Economic forecasts for California, all 58 of its counties, and many of its sub-county regions
  • Real estate forecasts
  • Public revenue forecasts
  • Economic impact studies
  • Economic policy studies
  • Economic presentations and public speaking for business, government, and non-profit groups
  • Regional economic profiles

For examples of our research capabilities, please view the following reports:

Vulnerable Counties in California

The Effect of Short Term Rentals on the Supply of Housing in Santa Barbara City and County

The Effect of Short Term Rentals on Nuisance Complaints Along the Central Coast

California County-Level Economic Forecast

Who’s Buying Homes in Santa Barbara County?

The Economic/Fiscal Impacts of New Oil and Gas Development in Santa Barbara County

Kern County Economic Forecast